Question: What Age Group Is Ella Diaries?

What is Ella diaries last name?

In the past two decades, Meredith Costain has written over 150 books, ranging from picture books to novels and non-fiction titles for children, including The Cuddliest Hug, A Year in Girl Hell and Aussie Nibbles.

The most recent and popular are the series The Ella Diaries and Olivia’s Secret Scribbles..

How many Ella diaries are there?

This Super Fantastic Box set contains 11 hilariously amazing Ella Diaries stories plus a TOP SECRET journal for you to fill in yourself and hide amongst your Ella Diaries books. Box Set Includes: Ella Diaries – My Top Secret Journal. Ella Diaries – Total TV Drama.

Who is the author of Ella and Olivia?

Yvette PoshoglianElla and Olivia Series/Authors

Who made Ella diaries?

Meredith CostainElla Diaries/Authors

What level are Hey Jack books?

Brown and Hey Jack are early chapter books that will make this reading transition easy and painless. These little chapter books are a level K or 20 (DRA Level) which means they’re at the beginning of second grade level. These would be perfect for your first or second grader or even your kindergartner.

What is the first Billie B Brown book?

The Bad ButterflyThe Bad Butterfly, Billie B Brown Series : Book 1 by Sally Rippin | 9781921564925 | Booktopia.

What age is Ella and Olivia books for?

This series can be read in any order. Ages 4-7.

What is Ella diaries double dare you about?

In Double Dare You, Ella recounts the difficulties she has settling into her new year five class with a different teacher and shifts in playground dynamics. Ballet Backflip focuses on some problems Ella encounters at ballet school when a new craze for gymnastics begins, and Ella is left feeling like the odd one out.

What age group are Billie B Brown Books for?

Billie B Brown Early Readers Anniversary Collection Sally Rippin 23 Books – Age 0-5- Paperback.

When was Yvette Poshoglian born?

1978I was born in Sydney in 1978 (that should answer the next question you probably have). I have been lucky to travel to many places but Sydney is my favourite place in the world!

How many AR points is Diary of a Minecraft zombie?

ATOS Book Level:5.2AR Points:6.0Rating:Word Count:40355Fiction/NonfictionFiction3 more rows

What does the B in Billie B Brown stand for?

Brave, Brilliant and BoldMeet Billie B Brown! Do you know what the B stands for? It’s for Brave, Brilliant and Bold! The Billie B misadventures have quickly become favourites for girls all over the world.

What is the best Billie B Brown book?

Billie B Brown#1. The Bad Butterfly. Sally Rippin. … Billie B Brown, the Soccer Star. Sally Rippin. From $5.09.#3. Billie B Brown: The Midnight Feast. … #4. Billie B Brown: The Second-Best Friend. … #5. The Extra-Special Helper. … The Beautiful Haircut. Sally Rippin. … #9. Billie B Brown: The Big Sister. … #10. Billie B Brown: The Birthday Mix-Up.More items…

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