Question: What Is Voldemort’S Patronus?

Can Voldemort use Patronus?

Voldemort *cannot* cast the Patronus Charm because, as he says in “Goblet of Fire,” Dementors are his and the Death Eaters’ natural allies.

Dark witches and wizards cannot produce a Patronus..

Why does Voldemort not have a Patronus?

Other reasons Voldemort and Death Eaters don’t summon a Patronus: Generally the Patronus charm is used against Dementors – who are currently allied to Voldemort and the Death Eaters.. so no need to defend against them..

Did Bellatrix kill Hermione?

Bellatrix didn’t kill Hermione but a real question should be WHY she didn’t do that. It is well known Bellatrix tortured many Muggle-born and killed them as well, for her own amusement. … At Malfoy Manor, Bellatrix had a great opportunity to kill Hermione who was literally saved by Godric Gryffindor’s sword.

How did Hermione die?

On April 16, Riddle sets a mountain troll made immune to sunlight on Hermione to kill her. Harry and Fred and George Weasley come help her. … Voldemort and Harry revive Hermione using a dark ritual and the Philosopher’s Stone to repair her body and the True Patronus charm to spark her back to life.

What would Tom Riddle’s Patronus be?

tl;dnr: If Tom Marvolo Riddle / Lord Voldemort could cast a Patronus (disregarding that it’s confirmed that he most likely can’t as LV in the series due to being, y’know, evil), it would likely be an adder – the only species of venomous snake native to the UK.

What is the most evil Patronus?

These would be, in no particular order, the absolute worst Patronuses, based on nothing more than what I feel they reveal about you personally:A deer. … A hippopotamus. … A squirrel. … A skunk. … A peacock. … A seagull. … A bat. … A raccoon. Raccoons don’t care about you and they will set fire to your world just to watch it burn.More items…•Sep 22, 2016

Did Hermione kiss Draco?

The whole Hall was silent as they watched, stunned. Draco Malfoy had just taken Hermione Granger into his arms and was kissing her passionately. It wasn’t just that, though, it was also what he had said. He had said he wanted her.

What is Hagrid’s Patronus?

Given his affinity for creatures, it was surprising to learn that Hagrid can’t actually cast the charm to produce an animal guardian. In a Q&A with Harry Potter fans on Twitter, J.K. Rowling was quizzed what Hagrid’s Patronus would be. In reply, she wrote, ‘Hagrid couldn’t produce a Patronus.

Who is Voldemort’s daughter?

DelphiniDelphini (born c. 1998), known by the nickname Delphi, was a British half-bloodDark witch, the daughter of Tom Riddle and Bellatrix Lestrange. Being the only child of Lord Voldemort, she was able to speak Parseltongue, and she became the only known living heir of Salazar Slytherin after the demise of her father.

Can a Patronus be a Dementor?

Dementors are not animals. Magical creatures can also be patronuses: Phoenix, Unicorn, Thestrals etc. A patronus is based of off one’s happiest memories. If your happiest memories involve dementors, you’ve had a pretty sad life.

What is Bellatrix’s Patronus?

Black Mamba SnakeIf Voldemort were the strongest snake in the patronus list – the largest, most dangerous King Cobra, then it would be fitting for Bellatrix’s patronus to also be a Snake of medium size, also venomous and still extremely dangerous. Hence, the Black Mamba Snake Patronus.

What is the rarest Patronus?

albatrossThe albatross is the rarest Patronus on our list; the one belonging to the lowest number of Wizarding World fans.

What is Cedric Diggory’s Patronus?

I would say since Cedric was the embodiment of what Hufflepuff stood for that his patronus would be a badger as they as the house mascot also embody what Hufflepuff stands for and Dumbledore put it best when he said Cedric was fiercely loyal and Badgers can be both fierce and loyal. Well, I think it’s a swan.

Who killed Lucius Malfoy?

However, Harry and the five friends who accompanied him, all D.A. members, managed to hold off the Death Eaters until several members of the Order of the Phoenix arrived. Lucius was knocked unconscious by a Stunning Spell cast by Nymphadora Tonks during the battle.

What is Sirius Black’s Patronus?

stagThe Dementors nearly succeeded in sucking out Sirius’ soul until a powerful Patronus resembling a stag warded them off.

What is the most powerful Patronus?

1 Professor Dumbledore’s Phoenix. Dumbledore is the only named character we know of with a magical creature as his Patronus.2 Harry’s Stag. … 3 *James Potter’s Stag. … 4 *Lily Potter’s Doe. … 5 Snape’s Doe. … 6 Kingsley Shacklebolt’s Lynx. … 7 Dolores Umbridge’s Cat. … 8 Aberforth Dumbledore’s Goat. … More items…•Jun 4, 2020

What was Neville’s Patronus?

Non-corporealNeville Longbottom/Patronus

What is Dolores Umbridge’s Patronus?

Persian catDolores Umbridge/Patronus

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