Quick Answer: How Do I Fix The Scroll On My HP Laptop?

How do I enable scrolling on my laptop?

SolutionOpen Start menu and go to Settings –> Devices.Click Mouse from the left panel.

Then from the bottom of the screen click Additional mouse options.Click Multi-Finger –> Scrolling and tick the box next to Vertical Scroll.

Click Apply –> Ok..

Why is my laptop scrolling on its own?

Why Is My Laptop Scrolling On Its Own? When you troubleshoot, you will find that a laptop scrolling by itself occurs as a result of either of the following: weak batteries in an external mouse, malfunctioning USB of an external mouse, defective touchpad.

How do I unfreeze my HP laptop mouse?

How to Unfreeze a Laptop MousePress and hold down the “FN” key, which is located between the Ctrl and Alt keys on your laptop keyboard.Tap the “F7,” “F8” or “F9” key at the top of your keyboard. Release the “FN” button. … Drag your fingertip across the touchpad to test if it is working.

Why did my two-finger scroll stop working?

If two-finger scroll is enabled but does not work, there might be problems with touchpad drivers. Drivers can become corrupted or faulty, and the device cannot function properly. … Reinstall Touchpad Drivers. Roll Back Touchpad Drivers.

Why can’t Two fingers scroll Windows 10?

Under Devices, click Device Settings tab. Highlight Synaptics TouchPad and click on Settings button. (This applies when the touchpad driver is installed.) Expand MultiFinger Gestures, and check the box next to Two-Finger Scrolling.

Where is the Scroll Lock key in HP laptop?

Toggle Scroll Lock on HP laptops On an HP laptop, press the Fn + C key combination to turn Scroll Lock on and off.

Where is the Scroll Lock key on a laptop?

Sometimes abbreviated as ScLk, ScrLk, or Slk, the Scroll Lock key is found on a computer keyboard, often located close to the pause key.

How do I scroll on my laptop Windows 10?

Try out these gestures on the touchpad of your Windows 10 laptop.Select an item: Tap on the touchpad.Scroll: Place two fingers on the touchpad and slide horizontally or vertically.Zoom in or out: Place two fingers on the touchpad and pinch in or stretch out.More items…

Why is my touchpad not scrolling HP?

Press the Windows button and “I” at the same time and click (or tab) over to Devices > Touchpad. Navigate to the Additional Settings option and open the Touchpad Settings box. From here, you can toggle the HP touchpad settings on or off. Restart your computer to make sure the changes take place.

How do I fix the two finger scroll on my HP?

Two finger scroll not working (HP Probook 450 G4) – Windows 10Open Control Panel.View by Category and select click on Hardware and Sound.Under Devices and Printers, click Mouse.Under Devices, click Device Settings tab. Highlight Synaptics TouchPad and click on Settings button. … Expand MultiFinger Gestures, and check the box next to Two-Finger Scrolling.Click Apply button.Apr 26, 2019

How do you unlock scroll lock on a laptop?

Turn off Scroll LockPress the Scroll Lock key (Scroll Lock or ScrLk) on your keyboard. Done. … Click Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard > Use the On-Screen Keyboard (or press the Windows logo key + CTRL + O).Click the ScrLk button. … Right click the status bar to display or to hide the Scroll Lock status.

How do I turn on the scroll on my HP laptop?

Open the Activities overview and start typing Mouse & Touchpad. Click on Mouse & Touchpad to open the panel. In the Touchpad section, make sure the Touchpad switch is set to on. Switch the Two-finger Scrolling switch to on.

What to do if scroll is not working in laptop?

You can follow these steps to enable two-finger scrolling:At Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound > Mouse.Click the Device Settings tab. … Expand MultiFinger Gestures, and select the Two-Finger Scrolling box.Click Apply.Check if your touchpad now works properly.Mar 1, 2021

Why won’t my computer let me scroll down?

check your scroll lock and see if it is on. check if your mouse work on other computers. check if you have software that controls your mouse and see if that is locking the scroll function. have you try turn it on and turn it off.

Why does my laptop automatically scroll down?

Method 2: Update Touchpad Driver Press Windows key + X key and click Device Manager. Expand the Mice and other pointing devices. Right-click on the Touchpad Driver and select Update Driver Software. Wait for sometime and check if the issue persists.

What is the shortcut key for scroll lock in laptop?

Shift + F14The official Microsoft shortcut for Scroll Lock is Shift + F14. If you have an extended keyboard with an F14 key, try that first.

Why are my touchpad gestures not working?

Touchpad gestures might not be working on your PC because either the touchpad driver is corrupted or one of its files is missing. Reinstalling the touchpad driver is the best way to address the issue. To reinstall the touchpad driver: … Step 2: Right-click on the touchpad entry and then click Uninstall device option.