Quick Answer: Is Dumbledore Really Aurelius?

Who is Aurelius Dumbledore to Albus?

Aurelius Dumbledore is the lost brother of Albus Dumbledore, revealed by Gellert Grindelwald to Credence Barebone at the end of “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”..

Is credence a bad guy?

Credence Barebone, born Aurelius Dumbledore, is a major antagonist in the Fantastic Beasts series, serving as the secondary antagonist of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, an anti-villain in The Crimes of Grindelwald and will return in the upcoming third film in some capacity.

How did Voldemort kill Grindelwald?

Voldemort killed Grindelwald in the prison made by Albus Dumbledore because he refused to tell him the location of the Elder Wand. Unlike the movies, in the books Grindelwald completely refuses to tell Voldemort the location of the Elder Wand, resulting in his death.

Is credence Ariana’s son?

So she would have had to have been impregnated at 13 – which would be almost impossible since she was in seclusion, seeing no one other than her immediate family. So – no. Credence is not Ariana’s son.

Is Queenie Bellatrix a Lestrange?

He said they were close for years, but doesn’t explain what happened between them. Lita’s last name alone will give any “Harry Potter” fan a clue, though. … But Bellatrix was born with the same last name as Sirius (Black), and only became a Lestrange when she married her husband Rodolphous. Warner Bros.

Does Albus Dumbledore know about Aurelius?

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald revealed that Albus Dumbledore apparently had another sibling that even he did not know about: Aurelius Dumbledore. Aurelius appears to be the youngest member of the Dumbledore family, being around 15 years younger than Albus’s late younger sister, Ariana.

Funnily enough, the most famous Lestrange is one only by marriage, and despite really adorable Instagram photos that make us wish it so, there is no blood relation between Leta and Bellatrix whatsoever. At most, Leta and Rodolphus Lestrange (Bellatrix’s husband) are very distant cousins.

Who did Leta say I love you to?

In the screenplay of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, it’s said that Leta looks toward both Theseus and Newt when she says “I love you” and no further explanation is given. She looks toward both THESEUS and NEWT, who are watching her, stunned. I love you.

How did Voldemort get Nagini?

Final transformation. Eventually, Nagini’s blood curse permanently turned her into a snake. She was eventually acquired by Lord Voldemort. It is worth noting that she knew him when he killed Bertha Jorkins in Albania.

What house is Umbridge in?

Slytherin HouseShe was sorted into Slytherin House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and despised her time at the school due to never being given any positions of power. After her time at Hogwarts, Umbridge rose to prominent and influential positions in the Ministry of Magic in the Improper Use of Magic Office.

Is Grindelwald stronger than Voldemort?

Of the two wizards, Grindelwald is the more accomplished in magic and even the more successful dark wizard. Voldemort is a powerful wizard, but only in a narrow way. The Dark Arts are only part of what an accomplished dark wizard should master. Time and again, Voldemort demonstrates his narrowness is a fatal weakness.

What is Leta lestrange most afraid of?

With this information, we can now know that Leta Lestrange’s biggest fear is the moment she killed her baby half brother, Cormac Lestrange, by leaving him on a sinking ship in which her alleged aunt and Cormac drown in.

Why did Dumbledore never mention Aurelius?

“Aurelius Dumbledore” simply cannot exist, especially if you take timelines into account. Dumbledore is meant to have been born in 1881. The film takes place in 1926. According to his birth certificate, he was born in 1904, but he’s allegedly born in 1901 by what’s going on in the second.

Why does Leta lestrange sacrifice herself?

Leta Lestrange (c. … Leta had become the fiancée of Newt’s older brother Theseus by 1927. In this year, she sacrificed herself for them during a rally held in Paris by Gellert Grindelwald by distracting him by destroying his skull-hookah with a powerful spell.

Why didn’t credence kill graves?

When Graves’ real intentions were understood, he attacked him. However, Graves (Grindelwald in disguise) was a highly-skilled wizard. So, Credence couldn’t attack Graves as much as he would have wanted to. Also, Newt was trying his best to calm Credence down and save the boy as well as prevent further destruction.

Why did nagini become evil?

Nonetheless, despite her initially benevolent nature, Nagini’s blood curse eventually turned her into a snake permanetly. Though it is unknown if she became evil as a result of that, or was turned evil as a result of Voldemort turning her into a Horcrux. As a snake, Nagini was completely loyal to Lord Voldemort.

Who killed Grindelwald?

Lord VoldemortIn 1945, at the height of Grindelwald’s power, Dumbledore confronted and defeated him in a legendary duel. He was subsequently imprisoned in his own fortress for decades and was slain there by Lord Voldemort in 1998 when he refused to give up the location of the Elder Wand.

Was Leta Lestrange on the Titanic?

The mysterious ship is most likely not the Titanic In one scene in the film, we see a flashback sequence with Leta Lestrange traveling on a ship with her brother – with tragic results when the ship begins to sink.

Is credence really Dumbledore’s brother?

In the final moments of the new film, Grindelwald reveals a crucial secret to Credence: Credence is the long-lost younger brother of Albus Dumbledore himself — and his real name is Aurelius.

Will Johnny Depp play Grindelwald?

Depp’s character got to take the spotlight in the aptly titled Crimes of Grindelwald, although now a third actor will play the role.

Is Hermione Voldemort’s daughter?

No. I don’t know how much we can stress this out, but – no, Hermione Granger is not Lord Voldemort’s daughter. … Plus, Hermione Granger has parents and Rowling clearly established both her heritage (she is Muggle-born, unlike Voldemort) and her family.

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